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The Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme Alumni Association of Tokyo (JETAA Tokyo) is comprised of current and former JET Programme participants residing in and around the Greater Tokyo Area. It is founded with the goal of creating positive value for JET alumni and the society we live in through the three pillars of Community, Career, and Service.

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Steering Committee Meeting - August 2010

By @ben | 04 Aug 2010 | Meeting

Hey all,

I know it's right in the middle of summer vacation period, and everyone is busy with this and that, but it's coming up on time for another Steering Committee meeting!

If there are no objections, I'd like to go ahead and set the date as usual on the 2nd Wednesday, being August 11th, from 7~9pm, at LikeArt's spare office (i.e. the usual location) near Tameike-Sanno.

Staying in Japan? The 12 Things You Need To Do

By @Evan | 28 Jul 2010 | Living

Summer has at last come. The rain has stopped, the students are looking forward to their vacation, and your time with JET is coming to a close. Though you will be leaving JET, you have decided to not leave Japan. Whether you've been on JET for one year or five, you’re probably quite busy right now trying to tie up lose ends and prepare for the next stage of your life in Japan. You will have a lot on your plate for the next month or so, and not all of it is obvious or straight forward. To help you sort everything out, here are The 12 Things You Need To Do upon leaving JET.

A Day With Minna no Mori

By @admin | 26 May 2010 | Community Service

Hi JETAA Tokyo, We are gearing up for our very first official community service event, a day with Minna no Mori, doing some volunteer forestry and planting trees in forested hills of Western Tokyo.

Minna no Mori is a Tokyo-based NGO dedicated to reclaiming, improving and protecting the forests in Japan through active forest management. They hold learning adventures for children and others interested in preserving and raising awareness of our natural environment.

JETAA Tokyo will join them on June 20 to cut and plant trees, get our hands dirty, and learn a little bit about the forest.  Join us and bring your friends too!


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