Annual Welcome Party 2014

By @a.coats | 07 Aug 2014 | welcome party planning

Just wanted to open up discussion about the Annual Welcome Party so we can open up discussion and planning to our non-Facebook members. 

At our last steering committee meeting, we discussed the date of the welcome party and settled on September 26.

We have not decided on a venue yet, but we discussed the following places during our meeting.

  • Hacienda de Cielo - 5000yen per a person
  • Two Rooms - 6000yen per a person
  • Devil Craft
  • Bulldog BBQ

The group at the steering committee was leaning towards Bulldog BBQ in Akasaka because the venue is owned by a JET alumni. 

Please feel free to include any comments or suggestions in this discussion regarding the Welcome Party. We would love to hear your commentary!


Update on Devil Craft:

"The total for the food and drink course is 4500 yen per person and the minimum guarantee for a 40--erson group is 180,000 yen for 6:00 - 8:15 pm. Any later than that precludes our normal Friday second turn  of the tables, so for example if we go to 7:00-9:15 pm, the guaranteed minimum would bump to 220,000 for the same course food and drink plan."

The plan does not include nomihodai but each person would get 4 half pints of beer.

Food CourseDC Homemade Salsa and ChipsParty SaladWaffle Fried PotatoesOriginal Chicago Pizza selection   


My biggest issue with DC is that, at leat in the Kanda restaurant, there's not enough space to really get socialize with a bigger group. Also, their popularity makes the timing a bit tight (not to mention early for many of the working crowd). I will contact Bulldog BBQ for a quote first thing tomorrow.

I think the quote was for the Hamamatsucho Restaurant. We would have the whole place rented out. I agree with you that it might not be the best option for this event though. (Maybe it is better for a casual afterwork networking session.)

I need to respond to their quote but as seems like it is not that popular of an option, I will decline their offer. 

Hi Alex, I got back a quote from Bulldog as follows, it includes a 2 hour open bar, and we can stay afterwards for a cash bar 


SAMPLE MENU (5,000 JPY pp) Smoked Chicken salad with ranch dressing Corn bread with honey butter <v> Sliders (pork, beef and mex burgers) Mixed tray Chips and various salsas <v> Penne Pasta Salad with pesto and grilled summer veggies <v> Mexican Rice <v> Mini Brownies <v> items are meat free


I think we have room to play around with the menu if we have any specific requests.


Chris, thanks for the update. How long would we have the venue for if we choose Bull Dog? Only the 2 hour period or would we get the restaurant for longer than that?

We would have it for 2 hours and then could stay on for as long as we wanted with an open bar with drinks at a reduced price. I think it's a reasonably good deal. Regardless, we should decide soon and start getting out anouncements to potential participants.

If anyone else is looking at this, please do comment! ;D

Sounds pretty decent. Doesn't seem like many people are interested in getting involved in the planning process so if possible, can you go ahead and make the reservation for the venue. I will make the event page and what not for our Facebook.

Btw, what was the name of the pre-payment service you mentioned at our last meeting? I think we should make this a pre-paid event as you mentioned. 

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