Survey for JET Alums

By @Christian | 18 Sep 2013
Adam Fulford, originally from England but based in Japan since 1981,is planning a new training initiative that may be of interest to you. Adam's partners include an experienced regional development consultant, and an experienced corporate training consultant. 
For a sponsoring company, the initiative would offer access to potential employees with skills that the company requiresin the years ahead. For a participant, the initiative would offer training that nurtures such skills. 
Most of the time you wouldn't be in a sponsor's office.Instead you'd be a member of an English-speaking community based about 90 minutes from Tokyo. 
In addition to relatively conventional forms of training, participants would also beencouraged to contribute in various ways to the local community in orderto make their full range of abilities as clear as possible to themselves and to others. The aim of all activities would be to enhance the fit of individual participants to potential employers.
The initiative requires careful preparation,and Adam would be very grateful if you could offer your own guidance by completing this questionnaire:

Thank you for your participation!

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