Sendai Earthquake, Tsunami, & Aftermath

By @ben | 14 Mar 2011 |

Dear JETAA Tokyo members and friends,

We hope you and your families are all well and unharmed.

As we JET alumni in Tokyo come from the far corners of Japan, some of us are worried about friends and former communities up north. JETAA Int'l and other chapters of JET are working to provide help and tools to contact and support people in the crisis areas. Here is a message from JETAA Int'l:

International JET community -

First Annual JETAA Tokyo Mentoring Program

By @admin | 21 Jul 2010 |

End of JET contract looming and still no job in sight? Yikes!

Never fear, because JETAA Tokyo will be kicking off its very first JETAA Tokyo Mentoring Program this October.

If you are a recent or soon-to-be JET alumni looking for sound advice from experienced JETs who have been through the same routine, OR if you are an experienced JET alumni looking to give back to the Programme that helped you get where you are as a professional in Tokyo, please sign up here! (See attached forms for more details.)


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