Sendai Earthquake, Tsunami, & Aftermath

By @admin | 09 Jun 2011 | Announcement

Dear JETAA Tokyo members and friends,
We hope you and your families are all well and unharmed.
As we JET alumni in Tokyo come from the far corners of Japan, some of us are worried about friends and former communities up north. JETAA Int'l and other chapters of JET are working to provide help and tools to contact and support people in the crisis areas. Here is a message from JETAA Int'l:

International JET community -
There are many JETs and JET Alumni living in the affected areas of yesterday’s earthquake and tsunami. We’d like to remind friends and family who are in search of news from loved ones to use the Google Crisis Response tool set up for the 2011 Japanese Earthquake. For more information, see We encourage your chapters to embed this tool on your websites to help spread the word. You can do that here:
For many many of us, this has been a difficult experience and we are sure there is lots of news. Given the need for a central location and immediacy, we encourage your chapters to direct members, families and friends to the Discussions section of the Official JETAA International Alumni Facebook page. Not only is this a great way to share your experience, but it’s a great way to let us know you are alright!
- JETAA International

They also ask we all check out the fundraising and information initiatives underway via sites likes:
Now, for those in Tokyo, many of us are still understandably in varying states of fear about what comes next. First, though these aftershocks are disturbing and there may yet be big ones, don't give in to panic. Stock up on emergency supplies (within reason - don't be a jerk about it), be aware of planned blackouts (see metropolis link below) and try to help everyone by conserving electricity/water/gas, plan an emergency scenario/stock emergency bags near the door, keep in touch with friends in the area, keep one ear on the radio or tv news in case of emergency warning, and keep an eye on how you can help people in worse affected areas via resources like the links above.
Here are some resources:
-Streaming NHK in case you have no TV:
-Metropolis Mag frequently updated english guide on Trains, Blackouts, and the Fukushima nuclear situation:
-Earthquake emergency preparedness:
-Emergency Procedures and Evacuation cards:
Be safe,

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