JETAA Tokyo Joins JET's 25th Anniversary Celebration

Over 10 JETAA Tokyo members joined CLAIR members, Japanese ministers and foreign dignitaries to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the JET Programme.  The reception, sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and held at the Iikura Guesthouse, wrapped up a half-day Symposium commemorating the inception of JET on September 8th. JET alumni enjoyed glowing praise from prominent figures such as Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Tatsumi Kawabata and Jonathan T. Fried, the Canadian Ambassador.  Such sentiment demonstrated the appreciation and commitment to the JET community from both the Japanese government and other foreign services.

As many may know the JET Programme came from humble beginnings when it started in 1987 with 887 participants from 4 countries.  Since then, it's presence and influence has expanded across the globe with 4339 participants from 36 countries in 2011.  See this link for the current breakdown of JETs by country of origin.  As we grow as an alumnj group here in Japan, JETAA Tokyo is proud to be part of a growing global network that boasts over 50,000 participants.  That network and its ability to promote international exchange promises to grow even stronger in the future.




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